Modeling Local Phase Equilibria – An introduction to Theriak-Domino, XMapTools and Bingo-Antidote
Saturday 17th August 08:30 – Sunday 18th August 17:00

Location: A1.03, building A – UPC – Campus Diagonal-Besòs (MAP)

Organizers: Pierre Lanari & Erik Duesterhoeft

Workshop description

Equilibrium thermodynamics has played a central role in the investigation and quantification of various metamorphic processes, providing simultaneously a robust physico-chemical framework and efficient modeling strategies to calculate mineral stability relations within the Earth’s lithosphere. However, the main issue of any equilibrium model is the tacit assumption that equilibrium was achieved at a given stage of its metamorphic history and then preserved. As most of the metamorphic minerals exhibit compositional zoning, it is obvious that equilibrium is only achieved locally and that metastable relics can be preserved throughout a metamorphic cycle. An alternative strategy to the traditional modeling tools is to use local bulk compositions for testing the assumption of equilibrium at a given stage. The routine application of this technique requires an efficient method for quantitative compositional mapping (software XMapTools), a Gibbs energy minimizer (Theriak-Domino) and a computer model coupling the two techniques (Bingo-Antidote).  

This two-day workshop is designed as a beginner course for XMapTools, Theriak-Domino and Bingo-Antidote. Participants will be introduced to each software solution and learn how to use it routinely. It will involve a series of lectures of tutorials from developers and experts exploring large variety of concepts (equilibrium/disequilibrium), ingredients (thermodynamics databases) and modeling tools (forward, inverse and iterative models). This course will provide an important foundation accessible to high-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional researchers who are using or planning to use petrological modeling in their own studies.


Pierre Lanari, PhD 

Pierre is Research Associate at the University of Bern (Switzerland). His research is focused on developing computer tools for the investigation of petrological processes in a large variety of metamorphic settings. Pierre developed XMapTools and several other computer programs for thermodynamic modeling (GrtMod, Bingo-Antidote). 

Erik Duesterhoeft, PhD 

Erik is Assistant Professor at the University of Kiel (Germany). His research is focused on modeling metamorphic and geodynamic processes. Erik developed Theriak_D an extension of Theriak-Domino for implementing thermodynamic analysis into the thermo-mechanical models as well as the modeling software Bingo-Antidote. 



Workshop sponsored by:

PROJECT 2015-2019: CGL2015-66335-C2-2-R: Fluid Flux and Reactivity in Cortical domains and their effects in transfer and concentration of CO2 and metal

PI: Joan Reche and Merce Corbella

Department of Geology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona